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Every organization is unique and advisor programs are constantly being challenged to provide value and flexibility, while enforcing the structure required to ensure data security and a professional customer experience. For this reason, our programs are custom made to meet your individual requirements

Logic can give your advisors a dedicated place to find and procure their program offerings which have been pre-selected, and are approved or recommended by the organization. This encourages standardization and can help pass along significant savings derived from corporate discounts. By choosing the right IT tools, you can be equipped to maintain data security and business continuity for a consistent end-customer experience.

Allow your support teams to focus on strategic projects and growth initiatives by taking the opportunity to customize a program, which can also help to offset the cost of internal support.

No matter what your needs are, Logic is here to help take on your program challenges and compliment your advisor offerings.

Our program features include:

Simplify your total advisor offering with a consolidated place for advisors to find all the products and services which are related to their information technology and more.

Your dedicated web portal is an effective way to clearly define program offerings and make them easily accessible. Advisors or administrators can have 24/7 access to procure information and products which have been standardized, pre-configured, and pre-determined by you.

You decide which users are restricted to see only specific solutions, customized items, or if they have access to over 500,000 products and services at corporately discounted prices.

Too often, small business owners and operators give in to the temptation of typically lower-priced consumer-grade products and services. This sacrifices reliability and vital data security, ultimately resulting in a poor and inconsistent customer experience.

Logic helps leverage the full size of your organization to introduce new, or extend existing contractual pricing to your advisors on appropriate business-grade solutions. Substantially closing the pricing gap can increase adoption of the recommended solution and demonstrate great value to your advisors.

Benefit from our decades of industry experience as we simplify and implement standardized special pricing for your team.

Make the right tools affordable for your team and position them for success. Financing helps advisors acquire the technology they need without delay or capital outlay. Empower them to retain capital for investing in higher return opportunities and obtain technology utilizing low monthly payments.

The ability to offer financing is a factor in the decision-making process and affects how advisors choose their providers. Provide them with the frictionless path of pre-configured, integrated financing options so team members can determine payments on the fly and obtain approvals in as little as one hour.

The security and compliance of your corporate and customer information is vital. Logic can implement and manage a flexible, multi-layered solution which is customized to secure client devices, while satisfying your advisors' desires to employ cutting-edge technology trends. Ensure proper and complete deployment by having these items pre-installed on order:

Data Encryption
Management of software and hardware-based encryption and protection of the data on PCs, external media, mobile devices, and even the public cloud.

Antivirus & Malware Protection
Reduce exposure, performance degradation, and end-user downtime by protecting your network against unwanted viruses and malware. Logic can manage the deployment and updates to ensure your systems in the field stay up-to-date.

Multifactor Authentication
For some applications, the added security of advanced authentication via finger-print readers or smart cards can drastically reduce exposure, and should be strongly considered in certain business environments.

Have an integrated backup solution included with every PC deployed. With an intuitive and simple interface, backup frequency and restores can be managed by each user, or centrally by the Logic team.

Automated cloud-based file backups keep your business-critical files secure and available whenever you need them. Sleep well knowing that your data won’t get lost due to user error or locked away forever by ransomware. A broken or damaged system can be replaced immediately and contain all of users' files exactly as they were. Military-grade encryption is used to secure your data, and both personal or corporate encryption key options are available. Have user files backed up weekly, daily or even a couple of times a day; the choice is yours.

Managed IT services and helpdesk at your fingertips. Leverage our managed services heritage and allow Logic to increase your service levels. As part of an advisor program, our managed IT services can be customized to increase your efficiency and reliability. As your team expands and contracts, depend on predictable monthly costs for the services you require. Leverage the value of our defined, repeatable processes, tools, reporting and team of experts who can be available on demand, or work proactively to monitor and maintain your environment.

Offer your customers and advisors a consistent experience due to standardized IT hardware, software, and services:

Economies of Scale
Streamlining the number of standard products and services focuses attention on your vendors to capture beneficial pricing and value for the entire organization.

Improved Support
When a challenge arises or is overcome with a standard product, the acquired knowledge is easily transferred to other similar systems. Solutions can be effectively repeated throughout the organization. In some cases, end-users can even help reduce the support load by using self-serve FAQs and troubleshooting guides. Free up IT resources and allow them to focus on strategic projects rather than maintenance.

Simplified Procurement and Improved Turnaround
A concentrated set of products and service items significantly reduces the amount of individual knowledge and overall time required to procure the right IT. Empower your team to make quick decisions and reduce time-to-value by expediting products and service delivery as quickly as possible. Logic can even keep pre-configured inventory on-hand locally for an expedited support experience or new deployment.

Professionalism Present a more professional image to your advisors and clients by adopting professional standards.

Simplified Budgeting
Clearly defined model options and pricing can help organizations and advisors plan their spending. This helps to develop more accurate budgets and ultimately result in improved capital allocation.

Reduced Testing
Fewer models means fewer system certifications, images, and compatibility concerns.

Gone are the days of dull, heavy and square corporate devices. You and your team can get excited about your device options because they each conform to corporate security, reliability and manageability standards. Micro form factors, Ultrabooks, Tablets, Detachables and Two-In-Ones all make the list. With touch options, simplified presentation features and vendor agnostic docking, the potential lineups are sure to invoke pride, productivity, and professionalism.





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