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Looking Back Through Logic’s History

Did you know that Logic has been in business for more than 40 years?

Of course, technology looked a lot different in 1975 when our company first opened its doors, but it was becoming more and more an essential part of day-to-day office life.

View our timeline below to take a trip back in time through the history of technology and our business.

  1. 1975 - Day 1

    Logic first opened its doors in 1975 the same year as Microsoft. This was an opportune time when technology was becoming more prominent in the workplace. To give you an idea of what technology was like in 1975, the Altair 8800 computer was considered the first commercially successful computer.

  2. 1987- Productivity!

    In 1987, Logic sold and serviced printers. The primary focus was on the Printronix brand, which was founded a year before Logic, in 1974. Printers were a vital component to businesses as all work was done with paper.

    1987 also saw IBM release the very first commercial RISC-based workstation, containing a dashing 40 MB hard drive and of course a 1.2 megabyte floppy disk . To provide you with some perspective, a common cell phone today has 16000 MB. This invention allowed workers to have a computer to themselves, giving them the opportunity to work independently on a computer.

  3. 1989- Portable Productivity

    As printers were still prominent for Logic, large production printers were becoming popular. These printers were meant for businesses that needed a printer that would not only last a while but preform optimally.

    In 1989 the Macintosh Portable was introduced, the main downside to this portable computer was that not only did it weigh sixteen pounds it was also well over $6000. Nevertheless this let people take their work to go, allowing them to be more productive on the fly.

  4. 1992- Communication

    By the early 90's mini computers were entering the market, the only issue was that they were extremely costly. These were more common for large businesses that could justify the cost to keep the business operating smoothly.

    In 1992 the Motorola International 3200 also known as the Zak Morris phone was introduced. This was the first mobile phone that you could carry "comfortably" on you at all times.

  5. 1998- Exploration

    In the mid to late 90's Logic began supporting Novell software, as it was beginning to emerge as a the preferred network software. Novell technology contributed to the emergence of local area network, which displaced the dominant mainframe computing model and changed computing worldwide. This allowed computers to be even more powerful.

    In 1998 Google was launched and it forever changed the way people search for information, with all the answers and resources are at your fingertips.

  6. 21st Century - Windows

    By the early 2000's windows was really starting to pick up, it became an increasingly important component to the technology industry. Logic started supporting Windows during this time. Windows 2003 introduced a backup system in conjunction with an automated system recovery.

  7. 2003 - A new way to communicate

    By 2003, approximately a decade after the first mobile phone, Skype came along and revolutionized the way we communicate. Rather than picking up the phone and calling someone you could launch a live video chat. This makes holding meetings a lot more feasible as not everyone needs to be in the exact same place to have a meeting. In return offering remote working capabilities and making business run more efficiently by saving companies time and money.

  8. 2007- Working together

    At this point the "Cloud" was available but not as prominent, people were aware of it but Logic was only toying with it. As the years went on and the cloud was a more proven system, the cloud quickly became an integral component to Logic. Logic did a great job of not only preparing clients for the cloud, but educating them about it so they could understand the value to their business. It was only a year later that Logic takes initiative to respond to local businesses needs for proactive managed IT service.

  9. 2010- Cloud

    2010 also saw Logic deliver it's very first cloud project. This was the start to many more cloud implementations that had a positive impact on business communications and collaboration.

    Additionally, Microsoft releases Office Web Apps, the online versions of Office which would later become Office 365. This allows people to be productive from anywhere, it just requires an account and an internet connection and you can work on PowerPoints, documents, and spreadsheets from anywhere. This makes it easier for collogues to share new ideas and collaborate from anywhere.

    By 2010 the cloud is well known, everything is all wireless and laptops no longer weigh 16 pounds... 2010 is the year of the tablet.

  10. 2016 – Toronto

    Logic opens an office in Toronto. The expansion allows Logic to better service clients with locations in Toronto, while also expanding our pool for recruiting great people and growing our business.

  11. Looking forward

    A few words about the next 40 years from our President, Vikas Patel.

    "If it was easy, everyone could achieve it. That age old adage is appropriate when reflecting on our history at Logic. Companies have come and gone, yet we remain steadfastly focused. Our focus on service as opposed to technology has been the main driver behind our longevity, and with over 40 years in the industry, we know a thing or two about technology. In fact we have seen, had to learn, had to evolve, and had to deliver through the greatest transition in almost every aspect of technology one can imagine: from printers to the mouse. Heck, when we were born there wasn't such a thing as a mouse. From TV to virtual reality. Heck the term VR wasn't even coined. From cable to the internet. Heck... well you get the picture.

    The truth is that service sounds nice but it requires exceptional people to help deliver it. People who understand that we have to continuously learn and be ahead of the curve, but deliver safely inside of it. I am most proud of our team who continuously surprise me. It's been a pleasure to help see the kids of our team members grow up. Stories of babies born yesterday, getting ready for college or weddings today. We now see the next generation joining our team and look forward to their stewardship of Logic, knowing that Logic will in some ways, help them to also achieve their life ambitions.

    Finally, I can't reflect on Logic's history without mentioning the immense gratitude I feel towards our clients. Our success emanates most from the trust which our clients place in us. Logic has been privileged to be a part of their growth only because they have trusted us and our input through the labyrinth of technology changes and challenges which they have had to navigate. Each client has their own success story, and its a nice feeling to know we have been a part of it.

    So as we look forward, I am thankful to all the leaders of the past who have allowed us to achieve so many milestones and affect so many lives. I can only eagerly anticipate what the future holds, but am enthusiastically confident that the team at Logic will in some way, help shape that future."

    Looking forward to the next 40,
    Vikas Patel, President

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